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Who we are

Technologies for museums

Since 2012 we have been working with dozens cultural institutions and NGOs on creating products and experiences designed for their needs. We believe that the smart use of technology can help the institutions to solve their problems.

Technologies for the people

Our products are the answers to the needs of both the institutions and their audiences. Tailoring the products are our main superpower. Our superpower is analyzing the user groups and coming up with the best possible solutions.

The software and more

We design and create mobile apps, on-site kiosks, websites and other pieces of software. We produce content (video, audio, texts), do copywriting, produce physical stuff if that’s needed. We also run workshops and educate how technologies can help museums to be better.

The team

We are the team of experienced designers, software developers and content creators led by an art historian, Zuzanna Stanska. In Moiseum we work solely in culture – we know how to deal with it.


DailyArt app is our flagship in-house product which we have been running since 2012. DailyArt is a mobile app available for iOS and Android devices, which every day shows one piece of fine art with a short story. Its aim is to make art history accessible for all in a pleasant and interesting way.

Every month the app is used by around 1.000.000 people around the world and is available in 16 languages. It is praised by international media and loved by the users. We work with the biggest and most important museums worldwide. Since 2017 we are also running DailyArt Magazine, which is an online magazine publishing articles about art history.




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