All our projects are intended to reach the goal the museum or cultural institution would like to reach. If the solution to the problem will require the mobilization of extraordinary creative forces or use of some customized tools – we can handle that. 3D Printers, Google Glass, Raspberry Pi, smartwatches are nothing terrible to us. Our clients can testify this.

Beacon is a small transmitter that uses Bluetooth Low Energy. It can exchange information with a mobile phone equipped with the appropriate application. By arranging them in the museum space, beacons becomes a part of a extremely convenient and efficient guide providing the museum audience with information about the exhibits or navigation system of a specified location. You just need to come close to the beacon and the information are displayed on your smartphone screen automatically. The range of such a device is from a few centimeters to about 70 meters.

Beacons work with iPhones, iPads and Android devices. Beacon is a physically small device – depending on the producer may be a matchbox size. In the  beacon you can find an ARM processor, accelerometer and temperature sensor which give additional opportunities.

Beacons in a natural way can be used to build a modern guides, where the user does not have to look for the information about the object on some list or tap out the number, as it works traditional audioguides. Also with the beacons we can design the game for families with children, in which users will have to find hid beacons and perform the appropriate task. Finally, we can now create a solution for visually impaired persons who through with notifications will be able to easily move around the building. The possibilities are endless.


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