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  • Wilanów Live

Wilanow Live is a mobile app for iPhones and Android phones developed ​​for the Museum of the Palace of King John III Sobieski in Wilanów premiered in March 2014. Museum for the past years developed a mobile strategy. The Palace can be visited with an audioguide app, whereas the Park is full of QR codes, but the Museum lacked of app that somehow would combine existing projects that could be downloaded by the visitors in the first place, soon after coming to Wilanów, or even before the visit.

“Wilanów Live” presents all information that visitors need to explore the museum before and during the visit. These include information on opening hours and ticket prices, news, exhibitions and activities happening in Wilanów, a calendar of events, a brief guide to ten objects in the Park and Palace, a map of the Park, as well as links to the two existing applications. While designing the app we wanted to keep a the feeling of a park – hence the dominant green color and considerable amount of photos. In the iOS app we used visual novelty – parallaxes visible on the main screen and guide. In the application we have implemented push notifications, so that the Museum can directly communicate with the users. In addition, the project made ​​a App Store Optimization and created advertising visuals.

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  • Marzec 2014
  • Mobile
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