• Warszawa w PRL na Foursquarze
    Warszawa w PRL na Foursquare
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  • Warszawa w PRL na Foursquarze
    NAC Foursquare

With photographs from the National Digital Archives Foursquare users can see how Warsaw looked like in the days of the communist times and read information about the selected objects.

On Foursquare we have built a list of 15 buildingg that were created during the communist era. Many of them over the years has changed beyond recognition or ceased to exist. Users checking in in specified venues can see the unique photographs from the past and read interesting facts about them.

Many of the spotted venues are very interesting examples of architecture created in the 40s, 50s and 60s of the last century. National Stadium and Cinema Escarpment no longer exist and have been replaced by modern buildings, whose construction often aroused controversy. There is also no trace of the pavilion or Supersam Chemistry and DH Sesame. By creating our project, we wanted to surprise Foursquare’a users, showing them a completely different reality of the city: without advertising banners, with beautiful neon and glass pavilions on vintage photographs.

Foursquare is an international social network, based on geolocation. The main idea is to discover Foursquare’a places located in our vicinity and inform friends where you are currently (through the so-called. Reports). Service also acts as a guide and a platform for collecting opinions about the places.

The list of objects can be found here. It is also available for those not using the service Foursquare. You can also find it by searching the Foursquare mobile application service password “Narodowe Archiwum Cyfrowe.”

We need to thank to Wojciech Kacperski for the consultations.

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  • June 2013
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