Praktykuj w Kulturze! for the State Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw is the first project that complex we took care of. We’ve created a tool to communicate with the target group of the project (meaning: website), dealt with branding (logo creation and the basic communication), content creation (writing texts on the site), PR (organization of the competition for students, contact with the media) and production (designing two posters, creating short promo movie and animation to advertise the project).

The result of our extensive four months of activities can be seen on the website
And what was the project itself?

State Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw wanted to deal with students who come in crowds to the institution for internships. Therefore, it created a comprehensive intern plan. The pilot of the project was to find three first interns, selected in a competition for the best museum project. First, we had to create a page informing about the contest, through which one could also apply. We have also created a poster for the contest, which we distributed in Warsaw and other places frequented by students. We took care of the promotion of the event in the media and design banner campaign.

After selecting three interns we started to build the page you can see today and create content for it. We conducted interviews with museum employees, so that the resulting articles show how the museum works (and how cool people work in it). At the same time we were documenting the programme, shooting the film and creating an animation.

When the programme was over, the Museum has organized five meetings at the universities in four Mazovian cities, where the interns presented the project. We have produced the posters and then we did some PR about the meetings.

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  • 06-10.2014
  • Content creation
  • PR
  • Website development
  • Strategy
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