This app is an attempt to rescue from oblivion the monuments, statues and plaques commemorating Warsaw insurgents and residents of fighting Warsaw and it provides a chance to get to know their history. It is a collection of about 370 sites related to the Warsaw Rising, accompanied by short descriptions showing historical events and the fate of people living in German occupied Warsaw.

This app consists of archival photographs from the collection of the Warsaw Rising Museum as well as contemporary photographs. For 30 selected sites, we have also prepared audio recordings, read by Sonia Bohosiewicz. All sites are marked on a map in their respective districts. Using geolocation you can find each place and easily navigate through the city.

The app has been developed in two language versions–Polish and English. You can download it free of charge from Google Play and App Store. The app is complemented by a map, which we have also designed. It shows the sites of memory by districts, available at

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  • August 2017
  • apps
  • iOS
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