The images of the art pieces from Polish collections that had been lost during the war had been presented in our mobile app, DailyArt, from 15.10 to 9.11.2014. The images are given to us the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

This microproject’s start date is not accidental – in November 2014 in Krakow will be held the first international conference devoted entirely to the restitution of works of art. Meeting is organized by the Ministry in co-operation with the International Cultural Center.

Ministry of Culture carries nationwide database of war casualties, which now includes nearly 63 thousand position. It is actively seeking for 7 thousand paintings created by Polish artists including 47 images of Alexander Gierymski, 36 of Jan Matejko,  59 of Jacek Malczewski,  29 of Wyspiański; and 7.5 thousand works of foreign painters, among which appear the names such as Rubens, Rembrandt and Durer.

Important role in the search play the individuals who sometimes accidentally hit the objects at the ministerial database. Therefore, it is important to spread the image of the lost works of art – it is often the first step in his recovery.

It is an honor for us that we can participate in such a project.

Our app for iOS and Android can be downloaded from

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  • 15.10-9.11 2014
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