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After two years since the release of the English version of DailyArt, we decided to take the next step and develop DailyArt in Polish. With Polish art pieces. Available on the App Store for free, designed for iPhones and iPads.

Do you want to know who is the naked woman from Podkowinski’s “Rage”, why Krakow secretly ridiculed Wyspiański and what drugs (not entirely legal) Witkacy sustained his creative process? DailyArt PL is the app for you.

Thanks DailyArt PL regularly (twice a week) you will receive on your iPhone or iPad one work of art created by Polish artist along with a brief story about it. It will not be boring catalog description, but a story that will stick to your mind. In the end, history of art is full of secrets, human drama and passions. DailyArt PL is a free appl designed for anyone who is interested in art and culture – including for students who want to shine at history and art classes.

DailyArt PL is a Polish version of the app beloved and widely commented in the media. DailyArt was named by The Next Web “one of the best educational apps of 2012″, has been described, among others, by Time, Mashable, Venture Beat and TUAW and in Poland recommended by Wysokie Obcasy, Twój Styl, F5, Radio Tok FM, Puls Biznes, Forbes,, Art & Business and many others.

DailyArt UK was created in collaboration with RCS , Apple Solution Expert in Education.

Download from the App Store’a .

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  • September 2014
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